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Summary: Shiny! Shiny!


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Gender: M/F

Age: Nil

Group: NPC's

Race and Employment

Goblin Raiders


Group cohesion
Skilled enough to make poor quality weapons and armor


Sunlight makes them disoriented, as does any sudden bright light

They fear bugbears

Physical Appearance

Green to pink skinned
Short stature

Personality and interests

An angry and greedy creature, they respect power. Most goblins are not capable of coexistence with other races, plundering nearby settlements at will. They often dwell in places that were abandoned, such as ruins. They can also dig a network of tunnels to reside in, though such dwellings are unstable and are prone to collapse.

What few goblins can use magic are usually tribe shamans. They may not have as many spells as a novice caster, but more than make up that deficiency in absolute faith in their powers; that faith is not often enough to save them when defeated. Still, shamans can be deadly in their own right.


Too numerous and many conflicting stories, with an apparent lack of any written history of their own, goblins have existed as long as any other race.

While small numbers have been a nuisance, larger bands have been known to exist. A written account from Timber Crag tells of a massive war band of over a thousand goblins to have existed between YSTR 22 and 23. This war band was of course summarily destroyed, but it remains the largest known war band to exist.

Favourite Sayings

Urk-urk! (Supposedly, the goblin phrase that means to retreat)

Equipment and Items

Poor quality weapons and armor
Goblin horn
Shamanic staff of power (shamans only)

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Image of Goblin(s)
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