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Summary: A knight who will rip and tear the evil of this land.


Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Group: Adventurers

Race and Employment

Bounty hunter


Weaponsman (can use basically what ever he gets his hands on)


Dying before he feels like he finished his mission of 'saving the world'

Physical Appearance

Light weight set of 'knights' armor and a full helm that once had horns on the side now just broken nubs. under the helmet it is currently unknown what he looks like

Personality and interests

reckless, brass, kind, 'hero type'
little more then killing what he sees as bad (having a bounty sure helps) and saving people.


The son of a noble's blacksmith his whole village was wiped out when he was a child by bandits. His mother managed to hide him before that attack but she was killed, as well as his father. After the screams stopped he left his hiding spot looking for anyone still alive. But found no one. He went to the outskirts of his town to find his friend and she was not where to be found, but from the scene he knew she wasn't killed. Her father a member of the watch he had a few swords. Taking one that the bandits left behind due to its rust he tracked them to their hide out. When he found them he proceeded to sneak around the cabin they were hiding in. He knocked on the door hiding out of sight and killed the first with ease. Something inside him woke up and he massacred the lot of them. He doesn't remember much about the details, but he knows it changed him. She saw everything but won't talk about it, it haunts her dreams enough as it is and is all she sees now. After the event they walked for three days to a city, where he convinced her to stay at a church and learn and study. She is now the head of the church, and he wanders collection bounties and taking it back to the church to help orphans. Though none of this is know to anyone

Favourite Sayings

no saying

Relationships with Others in Warfall

no relationships

Equipment and Items

A few magic scrolls of varying power (single use)
cheap but effective armor
cheap but effective shield
cheap but effective short sword

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