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Summary: So you've heard I'm solemn without a smile, aye? What of it?

Darai the Grand

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Group: Priest/Priestesses

Race and Employment


Arcane Prophet in the Temple of Warfall


stealth and speed, healing, wellness, love, and sometimes luck magic
Wisdom and determination
Has gained a premonition like ability, though it is often vague information


social interaction, physical strength, extreme temperatures, those who misuse and show disdain for magic/religion
alchemy is not her strongest asset
Like most intensive magic users, her energy is easily depleted with each use, so resting helps recharge. The more she uses the less powerful her spells are until she is completely drained. And the more complicated or dangerous the spell the more it weakens her, so she avoids physical conflict and violent magic. This adds to why she prefers staying indoors and using holy spells.

Occasionally when she has grown particularly weary, Priestess Lyra is tasked with putting her in a Deep Sleep where she is nearly unconscious but magic regenerates faster. This can be dangerous so it is a last resort.

Physical Appearance

Stands two feet three inches. Outward pointed ears, short wavy brown hair, grey eyes. Despite being a priestess she dresses in a cloak over layered robes, a small chainmail tunic, and iron bracers. Many pendants, charms, and amulets hang from a leather belt along with some pouches for various uses. There seems to be a loop for what could have very well been a dagger, but nothing is present. Underneath it all her body is painted with golden-orange markings that shimmer in the light, symbolizing the gods all while highlighting their Mother of Creation which the temple was built upon.

Personality and interests

When she isn't helping someone she is less than vocal. Solitary. Quiet, all behind her closed doors. Unlike the other acolytes there, Darai relocated her chambers to the catacombs below the temple, or at least what isn't in ruins. Going any further into them than the hall to her room is forbidden for all.

She enjoys reading, helping others, learning of history, nature, and strongly believes in justice, holy judgement, and atonement. A priestess is usually formal but she is more on the casual side, especially in speaking. As she is praised for her actions she does not wish to come across as arrogant.
Highly protective of everything in her possession.


Not many details are known about Darai and her past. She has only let on that all her life she has followed the holy path and that it leads her to destiny. Not only highly respected but talented as well. Her name isn't rare to hear around towns, her efficient abilities are highly requested by many so she travels from time to time when the situations are dire. Just recently she has returned to Warfall from one of these conplicated missions that was quite lengthy, so she hasn't seen the village in a few months. She does not speak of these missions to anyone.

Arriving at the temple when she was in her early twenties, she was taken in by the highest possible power at the temple, the Arcane Prophet. He was aged and frail when she joined, but wise enough to instill in her his knowledge once she proved to be most skilled in spellcraft. The woman learned rather quickly. Odd for someone of her shadowy background and age. She knew more than she let on, it seemed. More than just holy spells and rituals.

Despite all of this, he shared secrets and skills, and never questioned the sacred book she had brought with her. What the contents are have yet to escape her lips. The Warfall temple is one of the only known to have any power higher than Head, but that doesn't make the position any lesser.

This easily had her promoted to high priestess, then head alongside Endellion which resulted in a silent rivalry for the great honor. In the end, despite her talent and efforts, the priestess had lost and Darai claimed the title upon his passing. She now works to instill in her followers good morals and behavior as well as honing their strengths. Endellion ran things in her absence and has been sent off for service as well, the first of the acolytes to be trusted in doing so due to her talents.

Unfortunately, Darai knows nothing of what has happened in Warfall, not even that one of her own, High Priestess Miri Lana, has gone missing.

A curious tale for a curious creature and her story has yet to be finished.

**due to some characters being deleted and stories being left off I tried to make sense of it all and try to keep it "realistic". I would very much like to play her instead of being an NPC for now, if that is alright with the players. All a WIP**

Favourite Sayings

None as she doesn't communicate enough for anyone to take notice.

The townfolk do have a saying for her, "Solemn without a smile." Though in some parts she is referred to as Darai the Grand.

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Just barely those who serve the temple. They know and hold her in very high regard, despite her introverted nature, because of her wisdom, power, and how she never rests until the job is done right.

In the temple lives the one thing she is closest to: a large rabbit-like creature named Whitetail that is the size of a large hound. He sleeps in her chamber but can be found wandering the temple. He arrived with her as a companion and travels with her wherever she goes as guard and means of transport

Equipment and Items

Her belt holds numerous necklaces but has a dagger holder and pouches.

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