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Summary: Best tailor in town

Jocelyn Tailor

Gender: female (male)

Age: 28

Group: Shop-Keeper and Store Owners

Race and Employment

Clothing shop owner: Marvelous Maiden


repairs and sells clothes


Very weak,
Getting fat, goblins and slimy stuff.

Physical Appearance

chartreuse eyes, long red hair, light freckles under eyes across nose and on shoulders, porcine white skin.

Personality and interests

Mostly reserved, unless drunk.
Keeping people in comfort even if its cheap.


Her history isn't something they talk about to much. Their mother was a seamstress but not famous. Though they now work in Warfall and trying to make living.

(is a male the presents as female)

Favourite Sayings

I don't know

Relationships with Others in Warfall

Work in Progress.

Equipment and Items

Dagger and small crossbow under store counter.

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Image of Jocelyn Tailor
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