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Summary: The little Kobolds holding this town together.

Kobolds (NPC)

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Race and Employment

Kobold, they work in the towns many jobs such as farming, logging, fishing, militia, and employees at different stores. Their main focus is mining, which is where around 75% of their population works.


Mining, manual labor, and are more efficient than other races. They require less food, less space, and work hard for their pay.


They are smaller, and fragile, and can be prone to extreme laziness at times.
They can get a bit rowdy during "Kobold Night".

Physical Appearance

Short and skinny, with scaly skin, and lizardlike features. Their coloration depends on family genes.

Personality and interests

Depends on the Kobold


The Kobolds first came twenty years ago, after the country of Aelmere purged their population. This was due to the religious views on cleanliness, and Kobolds were deemed as undeserving filth. A small population of ten Kobolds all reached this village, most others were either dead or in other locations, and the village accepted them with open arms. This incident was one of the many that lead to the war between Aelmere and Sarnia. Since then, they have bred like rabbits, and formed a special place in the village.

Favourite Sayings

Keep Digging!
Kobold Night! Kobold Night!
Post off Smooth Skin!

Relationships with Others in Warfall

People are accepting of the Kobolds living in town, but there is plenty of prejudice against them due to their different appearance and height.

Equipment and Items

Depends on Job

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Image of Kobolds (NPC)
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