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Village of Warfall takes place in the same universe of Two Kingdoms, another game on OW.

Countries The map is vague for right now and is WIP.

Locations of Importance:

Norsarn - top half of Sarnia
Midsarn - middle of Sarnia
Sousarn - lower end of Sarnia

Warfall - A trading-travel village, quite useful in location being right on the border of Sarnia and Aelmere. It and the rest of the border villages belong to Sarnia after the recent war.
Courlimar - The capital city of Courlimar is located in Midsarn, called the “King’s City” due to him residing there, a bustling, urban area closed in by a cobblestone wall during the war. The High Church also resides there.
Silkbarrow - Northwest of Warfall, trade route site that leads through Warfall and down to Brinerest. A fair sized trade hub, smaller that Brinerest, that is surrounded by different mining, logging and farming villages similar to Warfall.
Brinerest - South of Warfall, trade route site that leads through Warfall and up to Silkbarrow. A trade hub, that is surrounded by different mining, logging and farming villages similar to Warfall, but sparser.

Sarnian Political History: Not long after the infamous raid, a young, kind, and forgiving King Reyner was on the throne before an attempt on his life succeeded. He was killed due to the betrayal of a trusted head priest and a few nobles. In result, his advisors saw it best to put his brother, Reynold, of barely thirteen on the throne as ruler. However, most of the advisors and council were in on it and saw how weak and puny the continent made Sarnia out to be. They groomed the new King into lusting over control and dominance, brainwashing them with it. The High Church established a new leader and pushed a different agenda now more align with the politics of their ruler than ever. The two became the highest of powers in Sarnia with money and control, quickly overshadowing and restricting the wizardry college.
King Reynold was starved of chances to claim more than what they had, so when they saw the strength of the border with Aelmere was shaky they sought out to claim it. This started the Five-Year-War that just resolved in modern game play.

The new head of the High Church did not want to get their hands dirty. The High Church had long ago established the Black Order as a religious branch of holy figures who were tasked with dealings in the supernatural and magical threats. Around thirty to forty years ago from modern Sarnia, the High Church grew tired of the Black Order seeing as they were not under control, merely allied. The need for resolving the issues they were tasked with became irrelevant as there was too little demand to keep them around. Slowly but surely, without their knowledge, the Black Order was slowly being crushed into the very last fragments that exist today. When deciding to erase them the higher powers first thought of a solution; a branch of folks called "Hunters" who were tasked with their old jobs of removing abnormal threats. After the Healing Prohibition Act, these folks became Witch Hunters and were focused on violators of that law and whoever the church/temple instructed them to capture. This is still the modern solution however after Reynold saw they were gaining with the border, he established a group called the Silver Snakes to guard the borders.
The King himself appoints Church-approved Barons to different parts of Sarnia to push the new agenda and keep things in check. Cheap labor is allowed and prioritized by these Barons. Any arrests more often than not result in a sentence of supervised labor. Different crimes have different sentence lengths but all result in working off the time some way.


Witch Hunter: Witch Hunters are a smaller branch of the Snakes, being tasked by the High Church to locate and remove anyone violating magic related laws, or more bluntly, anyone outside of Sarnia's main faith. They were established to replace the Black Order. They get paid by the church to locate these folks, taking on a bounty hunter-esque position. They have a ranking system where the newbies get paid nothing but they can work their way up to pay and promotion. The highest ranking hunters are quite part of training they have to visit the wizardry college and learn about countering spells, magic, common witch weaknesses, likewise to perfect their craft. The hunters cannot be magic users themselves and are preferably human or dwarven. (Moderator control until further notice)

Silver Snakes: Snakes act in more covert operations than typical royal military missions but are very valuable. Given they are newer, they are slowly gaining their footing and finding worthy Snakes for recruitment. Since in the wake of the war supernatural presences have heightened (more info later), they like the Black Order had to deal with it. The main job is to secure the borders all around them. There is much honor and skill that goes into this and is integral to Sarnia's future survival. (Moderator control until further notice)

Magic: Necromancy is forbidden. One instance that led to this was a castle servant attempting to resurrect the dead Reyner in his tomb thus banning necromancy and any similar practice.
The High Church found people losing trust in them, turning to other healing civilians which caused the ban of recreational healing magic (Healing Prohibition Act) and centered health focused on holy establishments under their faith. Public uses of magic is frowned upon socially and dark magics are taken seriously. (Note: Moderators do not want magic to be the spotlight of the game. Any magic plots must be brought to our attention before confirming. Try to keep a balance between it and more common plots.)

Healing Prohibition Act: A decade after the death of King Reyner, the High Church created a law stating that any healing magic practiced outside permitted use would be punished with a large fine and imprisonment. This caused some unrest with elven tribes specifically who practice their paganism outside of churches and in their forests. Seeing as they do not establish temples to become actual priests, the law punishes these things accordingly. The elven tribes are often persecuted as well as anyone who actively defends these criminals. Witch hunters are typically in charge of sniffing out heretics and illegal practitioners, enslaving them for the Barons. Any prisoners the state takes are admitted as cheap labor slaves until their sentence runs its course.

War Healers are only permitted to heal during the war they are assigned to contribute in but once it ends their services are no more. They are given silver tag necklaces to distinguish them from the gold tagged Priests.

Sarnian Religion:

The Six of Creation

The First, The Mother: responsible for life and creating her daughters/lesser deities, bringer of the holy light, maintains different qualities of her children, "Queen of Gods"

The Second, the Warrior: courage, strength, honor, loyalty, justice, pride

The Third, The Maiden: femininity, beauty, love, fertility

The Fourth, The Scholar: wisdom, intelligence, respect

The Fifth, The Butcher: blood, death, sacrifice, punishment, pride

The Sixth, The Saint: welfare, peace, and atonement

Originally there were seven but when the New Order of Sarnia formed the wizarding college was cut from it's high power meaning the Sorceress deity was cut as well. It is almost a taboo to mention or pray to her.

Given the King's New Order, Sarnia needed people to be under control, thus why they split the warrior into two lesser deities--Butcher and Warrior--because the Butcher was meant to be used as a caution and a threat to further strengthen Reynold's power by instilling fear. That being said, the Warrior and Butcher go band in hand and, by action of the king, have corrupted the religion from its pure form. This original state of the religion can be found in different places outside of Sarnia.

Other aspects of the religion were reformed which will be touched on later.
All the deities are female and lesser to the Mother, who is compiled of all her children's traits. Pray to her, you pray to them. Pray to them, you only are praying to that lesser deity.

Some heads of churches (like the High Church) call themselves the Mother's "ground children" because they are believed to be her and her children's vessel connection to the world.