Heading out to Stonehall

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After all the arrangements were made - including gearing up with weapons, rations, healing elements, and more - the powerful yet odd collection moved out of town. Tei'ron kind of took the lead, although mostly because he walked faster and had keen scouting abilities. With what he had been through the last several years, it felt good to be venturing out, especially without large armies known to be over the next hill.

Of course, who knows what they would meet at Stonehall.

As they got into the thicker forest, they followed one of the main paths that led to the great structure near the mountains. The path was overgrown and was only visible given its use by animals and perhaps others who didn't return...

Tei'ron was able to track the path without issue, and even avoid any pitfalls that had overcome the trail. There were many deer and other rodents skittering about along their journey, although as they got closer they would become a tad more rare. This could be random, but could also be an indicator of things to come.

The group made camp a bit off the path a couple hours before dusk, which was also just an hour or so from Stonehall. The soldiers and spellsword found a couple good places to take turns standing guard, and Tei'ron made arrangements with the other archer to take turns standing guard as well, up in the trees. Tei'ron could handle most of the night since he needed little to no sleep.

As they all sat around the fire, there was little chatter. They were tired a bit. "Is there a back door to this place?" asked the lockpick rogue.

One of the soldiers answered. "No, it's meant to be a fortress."

The spellsword chimed in. "Figuratively," he said a bit arrogantly. "The only external way in would be through one of the chimneys. And those may not be functioning or blocked after this time."

"Perhaps those two," Tei'ron said, pointing at the lockpick and his archer friend up in a nearby tree, "could go around and see about that entry point once we get there. The rest of us could take pause and investigate the front."

The Elf felt invigorated for the first time in a long time, talking tactics on a purely good mission. It did wonders for the "depression" that had befallen him after the war. His king would be proud for once, if they still spoke.


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