An unfamiliar sight

Jim approaches Warfall across the main road, the sun had set already and a few torches lit the last yards before the town.

He saw a very eclectic group gathered on the side; it seemed they were trying to stop a fight between an armored warrior and some other man. That was normal enough, but what Jim didn't expect to see is a winged, feline-faced beast coming to the scene and magically binding the combattants.

He had heard the stories about the protector of Warfall, but rarely mundane mortal matters called its attention (so the mundane and very much mortal Jim never got to see it before).

As the scene continued, he silently snuck behind a bush to see how it unrolled without disturbing it. After it finished, Jim saw the Sphinx and another man walk further out of town. Who is this man that deserves the attention of such a creature? -he asked himself. Intrigued by this question, and as an excuse to keep watching this majestic beast, he decided to follow them, always in the shadows, to see which mysteries would be unveiled.

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