Reliving Memories

"No more distractions, now come with me."

The sphinx turned and began to lead the young mage away from the scene. Severos gazed at the action warily as it happened, reaching down to touch the small nob of his wand for reassurance.

The walk out of town was quiet save for their footsteps. Just by the tension alone, he figured he could cut it. With a nervous glance, he gazed upon the sphinx with a studious eye. He noted the flanks, saw the pigment if the hide. He was young, he figured. Young only be his reckoning, for human years were nothing to such powerful magical beasts. However, the adept had never seen the mane coloration before, with its powerful blue seeming to glow in the fading sunlight.

At last, they came to a clearing.

"You will speak."

He winced at the directness of the sphinx, now fully aware that he was alone.

"Oh Great One, I have come a long way and I do not seek quarrel with any of the likes of you," he started. "I meant no distress to anyone at all--"

[Miekrannis College, Acerima, DSTR 258]

Thunderous in sound, I watched as the library doors splintered under will. With the force of it, I slid across the floor, ears and head ringing as I looked to the source.

Standing there within the smoking portal, a woman smiled, thin yet strong dress of black, mithríl-like material. It hugged her frame nicely, if I could call it anything. A red stone tied into a pendant hung at her neck. Mazarin had collected himself and stepped between the initiates and her.

"Oh, sweet young thing," she crooned with not a single hostile tone, stepping forward to us. Black chevron tattoos framed her face as she continued. "Where is your master?"

"Stay back," I heard Mazarin say, fingers splayed in preparation for a spell. "You seem powerful, you figure it out!" He retorted back.

The smile the woman gave seemed too sweet to my eyes as Mazarin stood his ground with determination. She raised one hand, a gesture that revealed eldritch runes along her arm as it raised. Mazarin, I could tell, was already moving. But whatever spell he prepared was easily defeated, for her hand made a small swiping gesture; Mazarin lifted off the ground and slammed none too gently into stone walls.

[Outside Warfall, Present Day]

Severos blinked, staring at the sphinx. No one was around to cast magic except...

"You," he said. "You are the one looking into my mind... and all for these pages?"

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