Warmly Cold


Warmth enveloped Kaine as he nestled himself near the fire, watching the rabbit meat cook. The trees towered above them, great conifers that had grown as the oaks dissipated. The stars glowering down on the group, waiting for something to happen. Kaine ignored his surroundings mostly, and instead slugged back from his large travel flask, filled with Dragons Blood Ale, his latest and favorite drink. Impatiently, he watched the smoke-licked flames ravel and unravel around the rabbit, the gamey flavour enticing him to have something to eat alongside his meal of booze. His attention was caught off guard by the bard walking towards the forest. Notifying them of her imminent bathroom break answered his curiosity, although it wasn’t a very interesting answer. He turned to the spellsword standing watch nearby, and decided to begin chatting.

“Did you serve in the war?” inquired Kaine, directing his comment towards the spellsword soldier.

“Yeah, came back with the soldiers, although I was hoping for a break,” he replied solemnly.

“We should be able to get a good rest when we head home,” commented Kaine, who turned back to the fire.

He once again watched as the fire danced, even though he was close to the fire he still felt a shiver. Like something was wrong, but he knew that wasn’t the case, was it? He climbed to his feet when he heard a shriek roar through the forest, like a banshee in agony. He jumped to his feet, and watched as the Lock-picker did the same. With a nod, they both ran into the bushes. He held his hand up, and waved to the others, calling them forwards.

“Come on, hurry,” he called back, as the locksmith hastily left his sight ahead.

[Between Fort and Camp]

Wind swept across his feathers, soaring through the sky, Crow made his way back from the fort. No obstructions for the group until they reach the door. Just trees and path, nothing to worry about. He did hear a strange rumble, but that was probably a tree falling. As he closed the distance, he heard a cry of agony, and instantly recognized the voice.

“Sarala!” He called, as he reached the gap above the campfire.

He turned towards the forest where Sarala was, and dove, careless of what danger was there. The only friend he had was in danger, and he would have to do something. Although what he saw was truly mortifying, what had happened to them...

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