Out of Nowhere!

An empty field. Freshly ploughed. The sun begins to drop behind a distant horizon bathing the land in its blood red glow and casting the shadows of trees across the earth like an army marching to war.

A buzzing sound can be heard. The air feels alive, pregnant with energy. A flash of brilliant white light several feet above the ground and something falls into the dirt, hitting the ground hard.

"And stay out!" yells a voice from within the light just before it blinks out.

Several moments pass by in silence.

Sprig sat up with a groan. His head was swimming and his throat was dry. How dare they, he...he..he shook his head. He could not remember. He had been kicked out of...no that was gone and he had been...no oh no. He could feel the tingle of the spell hanging around at the back of his mind. A hole where his memories were leaking out.

"No!" he yelped reaching for his lute. He strummed a few chords and called on his own magic to stem the tide before that was gone too. The spell in his mind quivered and vibrated as if annoyed that it had been caught in the act and then with another chord on the lute it was gone with a distinct. Pop!

"That was close." he mumbled to himself as he scrambled to his feet, noting with disappointment that he had snapped the mechanism in his crossbow when he fell. Not fell..pushed he decided. He could not remember it but he was going with his gutt. He had been pushed.

His bran still befuddled and his body sore Sprig looked up to see the distant lights of a village. Perfect!

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