The uninvited guest

Jim hid the best he could behind some bushes, he was sure no one could spot him were he stood. He saw the creature and the man speaking; the first was calm and reflective, while the second was reverent and a bit agitated. They talked about dark magics and books and mind reading, things that for Jim were as unreal as a living, breathing Spinx would be.
As they continued, Jim felt a deep stare, piercing right through him; it couldn't be the Sphinx, he thought, it hasn't even turned on this direction. The man neither, he is too absorbed by the conversation to notice me...
And then, black as night, a wolf passed a few inches next to him, Jim, startled, tumbled sideways to let the animal pass, falling on the folliage with a muffled thud.
The wolf completely ignored Jim, going straight, to the side of the wizard and, after a few moments, howling defiantly.

The whole scene was too complex for the halfling to wrap his mind around. He clumsily stood up, not noticing that a low branch had wrapped around his linen shirt, ripping a piece out, followed by a loud noise.

He looked up, three pairs of eyes looked back at him...

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