Chosen Words

"You came to Warfall, thus you became my concern once those pages showed themselves to me. The pages you cling to are filled with dark magics, magics that if used by the wrong hands will bring dire consequences. Hand them over, so they may be properly dealt with!"

Dark magics indeed , thought Severos. Though that was nothing new, they practically dripped in negative energy. Phronesis glared down at him as he raised his head.

"You ask me of this... and I say no," Severos stated. He could feel his heart pound as he drew breath to continue. "These pages have survived the ages of past comings, have survived a fire and much more. Whatever way you may think can destroy them, I doubt even your power in this.

"My masters must have known, great sphinx. Something like this is too powerful to be rid forever. And that is why I will continue to carry their creed: obtain, observe, and record all. And when done, make sure that no one can use it until it is needed.

He thought back to that night. Perhaps these pages was what those people were after. "Since the fall of Verden's great dynasty, there has been no one to keep power in check," he said. "It falls to us to keep it in check. This knowledge was created in opposite of all others... and one day, it must be used, whether we ourselves wish it to be or not."

The sphinx allowed him to speak at length but a man's face was a man's face. The supreme disdain of Phronesis was almost tangible.

Artemis came forward then, a low growl rumbling in its throat. Severos wondered why the wolf would do such a thing in front of one of the apex predators of the world. He did not have much time to wonder, as he found the reason. A halfling, looking more confused than anything, had torn his shirt standing. The loud noise drew all their gazes.

The roar was loud as Phronesis sprung at him, making him fall back onto the ground. As the beast loomed over him, he felt the pressure, stronger than ever in his mind.

"Mind Blank," he muttered breathlessly.

The pressure lessened as the spell wrapped around his mind. He knew it would not last, but perhaps it would by him time. Time for what he did not know.

Phronesis drew breathe to speak.

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