Patience Lost

The man's arrogance drew Phronesis's ire. The small minds of man could never understand the true nature of their evils.
Scaring off the eavesdropper eased some of his anger, but he felt the pull of magic and turned towards Severos. Drawing himself to his full height and opening his wings, he flexed a more powerful spell to pierce whatever minor spells were being used.
"Mage! Do not claim me daft enough to try and destroy such an artifact. My kind are the only ones able to truly safeguard the evil you carry with you. You deny reason and by using even a simple mind spell, you have gone against my will! Choose your next step wisely, lest you join your colleagues."
Feeling the flow of arcane energies that had been lain long ago, he used his gathered mastery of them to draw into him more power. Whatever the mage did next, the papers would be left in his care by the end of the day.

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