Power And Fury

"Mage! Do not claim me daft enough to try and destroy such an artifact. My kind are the only ones able to truly safeguard the evil you carry with you. You deny reason and by using even a simple mind spell, you have gone against my will! Choose your next step wisely, lest you join your colleagues."

Severos raised himself, even as Artemis howled out, with an anger he did not know existed in his body. His wand came into his hand, power flowing through the air into the sphinx. The overbearing weight of it threaten to overwhelm his magic senses. He would not survive long, he knew. But reason was hard for him to understand now.

"Your kind? Such evil magics seek your kind!" retorted the mage. "None are safe from this! And now I see you have no reason. You will go until you get what you want, sphinx. I vowed to never let evil to claim the Mortith and I hold to that vow now."

He raised his wand even as power bloomed. "And you know nothing of my colleagues. They died to protect knowledge from those who would take it. You are no different in your demands," he said, voice dropping into a low anger. "You have chosen the wrong answer, see the right one."

Phronesis had summoned up his might even as Severos twisted and wove the threads of magic together. He would have to choose and cast spells quickly to even keep up with the sphinx. He trusted in his spells to protect him, knowing most wizards loved to focus on Evocation. Severos was not an evoker but a transmuter by trade, something not often found in the fields of adventure.

The first spell split the air as the two reached a crescendo in their gathering. A bolt of powerful lighting thunderously raced to Severos. He was ready for it, gesturing with his left, open hand to the ground. He made a raising motion with it, earth roaring up to shield him. He knew Phronesis was gathering another spell from how the Weave was winding. He guessed as to what it was and prepared a counterspell.

Lighting lanced at him, now twisting like cords in the air around the shield. Already, he extended both arms out to his sides, palms facing out with flat hands where he could. They cackled as the spells hit his barrier, trying to penetrate.

Remember, this may be a powerful shield against magics. But this shield depends on how much will you have to keep it, came the remembered words of Master Enanth. Keep in mind students: should you falter in your resolve, you will fail.

And Severos was angry, fueling him with resolve to get through this.

The earth wall crumbled away as another blast took it down. Severos reached with his mind to weave magic once more, this time choosing his second mastery of Illusion. Mirror Image came easily into casting, creating three copies of him for a total of four Severos copies. Each looked and sounded real to any who dared to come and watch this mage duel.

He could hear Phronesis speak, only faintly registering some amount of respect. But he waited, wondering what spell was coming next. Would the fight end? Or would it continue?

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