Cold Rage

The first few bolts proved enough for Phronesis to judge his adversary, the man had power, but was wary.
"The will of mankind is formidable, but their knowledge is still weak!"
Knowing the fight would be costly and that Severos would not back down, the sphinx wove a spell he could only use in desperation.
"Your magical prowess is commendable, but you cannot match me in pure might."
His eyes almost shooting arcane energies, Phronesis activated one of many fail-safes, a freezing wave of anti-magic rippling within the borders of Warfall.
"You have no magic and you cannot hope to overpower me. What I do is something that is a a part of my being, ingrained into my essence by the creators of this realm. Watching and protecting is the sole purpose of my race, while humanity is constantly tempted by dark powers and malicious whims. I do not kill for any little whim that comes to me, but a matter such as this is life and death if not handled properly."

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