Artemis thought Lyra had not heard him he was to far from town. The animal stepped between Phronesis and Severos. The animal glared at Phronesis. He growled at Phronesis as if trying to communicate something. Phronesis would need to tread carfuly if he hurt Artimis he would hurt one of those he had decided to protect.

Lyra had heard Artemis’ call. She came running through the forest. “ Artemis get away there you will get hurt” Lyra yelled as she came up to the cleaning. She walked up to stand next to Severos. Artemis did not move so Lyra joined him. “ you can’t protect us from every thing, you will not always be here to protect us, and Severos has caused us no harm” Lyra said. Artemis growled at her side. She of course only know the little bit of information that Phronesis had given her as well as the Sean she saw when she arrived.

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