Utter Truth

The elf's pet had been growling at the Sphinx as he approached, which didn't bother him since he expected such a reaction from a lower creature. What made him furious was the elf herself returning, once again displaying her naivety.
His voice came as thunder as he addressed her proclamation.
"I am not tasked to protect the inhabitants of Warfall, only the territory. Humans and elves lives are but a blink to us, so it is not of our concern if you all die. However, this town is a vital trade route that must be protected from those that would seek to bring chaos."
He felt that he should wipe her memory if she were to continue being so meddlesome.
"You interfere in matters that you do not understand. My goal is to obtain the artifact that he holds, if I wanted to kill him he and your wolf would have perished in town."

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