Childish Fantasy


Eyes wide with confusion, she still caressed her hand without thought. There was only the fire crackling, and a rabbit that had become slightly charred upon it's underbelly. Sarala made it her mission to remove the rabbit the way she had seen Gholis do it before, and she did, burning her finger just a smidge. She got up from her knees and brushed the dirt off, as well as the pebbles and earth that were previously on her pants. If it wasn't freezing and she had a way to wash her clothes, she would totally dip into the river. That's if she didn't get stopped by wolves again when minding her own business.

A little rustle and Kain had returned to camp empty handed. Sarala swept her hair over her shoulder and looked up. Her hands carefully bundled the curly locks together and tied them neatly with a ribbon in her pocket. Then he walked over to Sarala, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you good?" He asked, staring at the wound on her arm. "We should check that out, but hopefully the others can pull their task off."

"Morally, yes," a grin crossed her, but she had a hunch that wasn't the answer he was looking for. She gave a sheepish smile, "I mean I've been better but... I don't think it'll be that much of a problem. Just needs sterilized and a nice wrap. I'll be fine." She looked to the ground now and his arm fell to his side.
"So I take it you didn't find anything?" Her foot dug into the ground.

"No, not yet, but hopefully they can find something. Anything." He turned and sat down on a log which Sarala quickly followed, right beside him. The man didn't look like he needed company, but it was always those folks who needed it most. Besides, she hadn't been anything but a nuisance to them and she had to make herself useful. The woman made sure to leave space between them.

"Back home we never had woods like these. It was always dry and arid, sand and burnt ground everywhere. And we definitely didn't have these kinds of animals. But you don't care about any of that. I'm a little rusty, but on a normal day I can handle stuff like that with help, so I guess I was just unlucky tonight. We all were. Don't be too hard on yourself." She nudged him lightly with a reassuring smile. "I'm the one who was silly enough to relinquish my sword in a dark, spooky place and others had to suffer for it. And for that I'm sorry." Her expression fell as she spoke and eventually she was gazing into the amber fire light.
The way it danced. The way she wished she could dance right now, twirling away from her problems like a maiden in the candlelight. A soft sigh escaped her lips, eyes following to her swords, the journal in the dirt.

A childish fantasy like all the rest.

She shrugged off the silence. "What about you? You feelin much?"

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