Inner Turmoil



That's what struck the camp that night. The group was worried about staying clear of Stonehall so that they could approach more inconspicuously the next day. But something triggered the forest to come alive. Was it related? Tei'ron could not tell. He had meditated for quite a while after things calmed down and everyone was back at camp.

Unfortunately, and unbecoming of the Elven warrior, he was too late. The rogue was dead, others were injured, and now folks would be low on sleep. Tei'ron would be ok, but that meant nothing with the results of the night.

Tei'ron had made it to the attack, but was too late and could only be on watch while everyone recovered. He remained on watch until he was relieved by the other ranger in the group.

Let down.

It wouldn't show to most of the others of course. Tei'ron slowly walked into camp after being relieved, and saw a few folks around the fire. It wasn't could to him, per se, but it still felt good. The Elf managed his way over there after refilling his waterskin and taking a drink.

Tei'ron sat down and gave a nod to Kain and Sarala who were speaking to one another. He grabbed a couple ration crackers to nibble on as well.

"Everything clear out there?" It was one of the guards.

Tei'ron nodded and finished his bite. "Indeed. As clear as before the attack." It was an ominous answer for the ominous mission. "One should hope it was a fluke."

The guard chortled after grabbing a chunk of jerkied meat. "The woods'll do that to ya."


The Elf merely nodded as the guard eventually walked off. The attack could have been a fluke, but Tei'ron knew better. It could have been random but their proximity to their destination could have something to do it.

Tei'ron had already rested for the night so he decided to stay up and closer to the camp this time. And perhaps follow anyone who would stray this time.

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