A Giant Helping

No sooner did she ask of her help for dream magic, Severos shivered, a coldness he thought of only in his mind spreading throughout him. "No..." he croaked. " ...no one....should... "

He just about fainted there, thinking that perhaps it was not a cliche to faint in another's arms and it was the worst kind of thing for someone to do in a romance tome.

"Oy! You can't throw me if your miles ahead of me!"

The dwarven accent was thick but echoing though the woods. A mere moment passed. Severos glanced doggedly to Lyra with a shiver. He raised his wand towards the sound.

"Vita deprehendere ," he breathed.

The effort alone to cast the spell drained his will and barely had the spell formed before Severos once more collapsed upon Lyra. His wand fell, a glowing grey light upon its hawthorne tip. The light brightened to a near candle luminosity twice, a soft glow playing over elven features from the grass before extinguishing.

Another moment passed.

Suddenly, Erik stomped through the woods; he had spotted them just a few seconds previous and had rush to assist. "My apologies brother, I saw Phronesis flying off from here and found these two. We need to get this man to the temple."

Kneeling in order to catch his breath, Thromgin waved him off. "No..... I am going back to the shop. You.... owe me for this brother." The dwarf arched his back suddenly with a satisfying pop, then left Erik to deal with the situation.

Severos was only aware of him being lifted easily upon the giant's shoulder. From there, his lucidity came and went.

".....Tyra.....Droms...............In....quisition...... Kel...moran," he muttered breathlessly as the went. To them, he was muttering in his unconscious state. To Severos, he was reliving several nightmares all at once.

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