Nightmarish Dream

(( Miekrannis College))

Fires raged as he batted away flames with his robes. Shelf upon shelf caught, increasing the inferno in intensity. Already, young Aven tried to cast spells to find he had no magic.

"By the order of the Inquisition, this foul creature will never walk this earth again."


"Where is"

Voices played about him, owners never met or known. He turned, finally giving up. The library was no more and if he stayed, then he would be as well. He ran for the shattered doors.

A dark robed figure met him, a red stone glittering in the fire at their neck. He skidded to a halt, apprehensive of what was to come.

"Severos! Severos!"

He heard Lyra calling through the chaos, making him glance away from the figure. She was there, pushing through the smoke and heat to him. when young Severos turned back to the figure, the person had closed distance. Strong, slim hands seized his neck and lifted him easily from the flagstone.

"You," he heard in a whisper that was as loud as normal talking. " There is no escape. He will rise, and all will burn. "

He gasped for breath, gripping the arm and trying to twist free to no avail. The fire was nearly unbearable, searing all within its path. He gazed into the dark hood, trying to pierce through the choking.

His eyes widened. "Kelmoran!" He finally realized. " You were vanquished hundreds of years ago... But why are you this? I have seen... "

The grip tightened upon him, cutting his words off. "And your College failed. Nothing will stop my disciples... Not even your masters. Now to simply finish you and your school," finished the visage.


Lyra's hand grabbed him and ripped him away from the spectre. He glanced at her, suddenly confused. This elven woman was now shrouded in blue energy.

((Alistair's Cabin, Warfall))

Severos Aven shifted uncomfortably, murmuring. "Lyra... No... Run......the fire's..." He shivered as Lyra continued her spell.

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