Comforting and Heading Out


After helping to bandage Sarala's arm, Kain turned to Tei'ron who arrived solemnly and sat by the campfire. The elf finished his lookout shift, and although Kain wasn't much interested in what little the man saw, he still needed to speak.

"I assume you didn't see any more wolves. Either way, we can bury what little remains of the lock-picker in the morning and head over to find another way in," he commented, although he didn't feel like having a full conversation.

He watched the dancing of the flames, a curving performance fit for only a few eyes. The other adventurers sat around the fire, tired and disheveled, it seemed they would rather rest than have company. Crow waddled barely in range of the light, holding his head down, and when Kain eyed him, he turned away. Instead, he hopped over to Sarala, and nuzzled against her body, in hopes of finding a little comfort in the failure.

"I failed, I could have succeeded, but I didn't," he whispered to his friend, his only friend.

Sarala stoked his beak with her good hand, and turned her head to the sky.

"You tried your best, and thats what matters."

"But I almost..." he whimpered, being quickly interrupted.

"You tried."

"Is your arm okay?" He asked, changing the subject.

She gave a gentle nod, and Crow hopped onto her lap, and nuzzled deeper. He closed his eyes, and let the night take him away.

[Forest, Morning]

After receiving help from the orc brothers with digging the small grave, and placing a wooden cross at the top, Kain walked to the smoldering campfire.

"Wake up everyone, we need to head out," he ordered.

Everyone groggily sat up, and looked around. Kain stretched his arms, and scooped up his armor, sliding the suit over his head.

"We will head to the fort by early afternoon, maybe a two or three hour march. I'm sick of this windy road as much as you guys are, but our reward will be handsome, so let's keep going," he added to his order.

Crow twitched his eyelids, and perked up. He quickly waddled over the the fire, where the last scraps of hare still remained, and scarfed the meat down. After listening to Kain, he decided to ask the first question.

"Whats the plan?"

"You will fly around the base, looking for any windows or other openings to go through, and unlock the door from within," answered Kain, turning his head towards Crow while searching for his canteen of ale with his hand.

He began wrapping the wool woven sleeping bags, and lifted his knapsack, slinging it over his shoulder. As the group packed, he began walking away from their site, and back onto the old dusty road. To Stonehall, to find gods know what.

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