Awoken For The First Time

((Miekrannis College))

The sounds of battle reached their ears. Outside, the Kragan had abandoned their chant and joined in a unrelenting, seemingly without need of breath, roar of battle. A chorus of a thousand throats cried in deep roars. Another spell echoed through the air, masters and senior graduates throwing powerful Evocation into the air. The grounds may have been alight by fire. The sky was truly alive.

Severos turned even as the crack of a spell thundered for miles, looking to Lyra. They stood just outside the burning library, an inferno that none could withstand. The courtyard was open with a few trees that had survived so far. And them, alone with the spectre gone.

"Lyra," he said again. "How are...?"

“I’m her to help you Severos. I could wake you but I think you need to work through this or it will come back. It will be ok, I’m not going to go anywhere. I can wake you at any time you wish.” She said.

He looked around, mind clearing as he held her hand. It was only then did he look down at their hands. Her blue glow was suffused with another glow, this one a golden white. "Dream Magic... Am I unconscious?" Her raised eyebrow proved to him that was a stupid question.

"I..." He started, looking around. "I know this place. We are here, at the College. I had just..." He looked back at the library. He looked down, noticing and now feeling the sight of his stuffed travel bag. His robes were scorched, just as he remembered. And if correct...

He reached in, tentatively letting go of Lyra. His fingers brushed the same old coldness from tome. Swallowing, he pulled it loose. The blackened leather of the Mortith met their eyes. But no longer the appeal to open it. "I had just secured most books that I could grab. The pages... Phronesis has the Mortith?"

Her nod answered him. She was positively glowing with energy on a level he had not seen before. He was sufficiently impressed at her aura.

"Then at least I did that," he finished. "But what is there to work out here? I didn't save anyone at all. If this is a dream, I would be reliving it in some version. But it would be the same, they all died."

A sudden rending of stone exploded into the air, the sky alight in a white flash of dweomers finally failing. As the blast receded, Severos turned to her again. "That was the outer wall finally collapsing. I saw Master Enanth's give the order to evacuate..."

A golden aura suffused into him without warning.

((Mih District, Acirema))

The glow disappeared, revealing to his eyes an old, favorite sight. He smiled and ran forward to the massive shelves of books. He stopped just as he reached for his favorite storybook. He turned his head, suddenly confused. Lyra spoke, "And where is this?"

"Home," he breathed. "My father's library. I spent every day I could here, even if I was in trouble... If ever a place that I could return to, it would be here. But..." He looked about again. He shook his head. " That glow. I can feel lucidity. Someone is healing me... Time to wake up. "

Lyra asked if he truly wanted to, without resolving his dreams. He nodded. "My dreams have now given me more to ponder. They raise questions that need answering more than they bring closure. Yes, I am ready... At least strong enough..."

((Just Outside Warfall, Nadia's Hut))

He grew still as time had gone on. The Iron Knight and Erik spoke at length during this time, the two women busy at their craft. As the minutes wore on, Nadia began to sway a bit from exertion. But now, Lyra's glow was fading. Severos, regaining consciousness, felt magic about him. His will and resolve was quickly returning, and with a moan of fading pain, he cracked open his eyes.

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