The Tale

Tech nodded, he took a seat on a hay bale, " My story begins when I was adventurer, I was in a small group in this group was Vampeer, a supposed human, Kuz, the orc, Dracfist, the half demon, and finally me, the goblin. We were ever ordinary adventurer group, fighting bandits, gangs, doing bounties, all that fun stuff. One day our group went into an ancient temple, we found a battle of an ancient race and vampire bat monsters called Night Terrors. Dracfist found a sword, it was a katana with a black blade and red symbols on the blade. The handle had a demon design on it. We didn't think much of it, but that sword contain a powerful demon known as Vengeance. Dracfist was strong willed, so it didn't take him over, no his love for Summer was what really saved him. Ten years passed, then and only then did Vampeer show his true colors, turned out that A-hole was the Vampire God, he kidnapped Summer and left the three of us to fight a huge black werewolf known as the Black wolf." Tech let out a sigh, " Dracfist angry decided to go to hell and take it over so he could have hell itself on his side when he went to fight Vampeer, while me and Kuz just went to Vampeer's castle to face him. The jerk used his mind control on us, we served him for about a year when Dracfist attacked Vampeer's city with the army of Hell under his command. When Dracfist went to save Summer, she at first didn't know him, then he broke the spell on her. When she saw what he become she rejected him, he ripped out his own heart and gave it to her to show her how much he loved her, what she did next would sealed Dracfist's fate. She took his heart and but it in a black box, Dracfist asked her why she did it, she told him to protect people from him. In a rage Dracfist attacked and almost killed Summer, Dracfist then stabbed himself with the sword which contain Vengeance, the two merged and became a powerful demon lord known as Vonakai. When the two merged a powerful wave of energy went out. it hit me and Kuz, making us where we would age to a certain point then stop aging. Vonakai went on a rampage killing everything in his sight, Summer with her dying breath put some spell on the box, I don't know what it was, but she gave it to Kuz, she told him to protect it, not long she died. Kuz ran away, Vampeer in a rage went to battle Vonakai, I went after Kuz. I found him at a port, we battled, he lost his right arm, I lost my lower jaw, my left leg and my right arm. Kuz got away, while I made it my mission to find the box and destroy Vonakai's heart. Back at our homeland, Vampeer and Vonakai are in a unending war, I served Vampeer for awhile be for I traveled to this land, searching for the box. Now here I am telling my story to you." Tech rubbed his eye, a tear fell from it. " Destroying the heart will kill Vonakai, with him his evil reign."

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