Retire For The Night

Severos blinked heavily. He regarded the elf with a bemused smile before glancing between Nadia and Lyra. Perhaps I have actually died and gone to a heaven, he thought. He sat up slowly.

"Welcome back to the living! You're lucky you have such good friends," she looked around and saw the giant was gone. "Speaking of... Where did the big one go?"

"Erik?" He said, glancing around. He tried to get up from the table and fell forward, still exhausted. He found a bosom, soft and the smell of incense. It was a nice smell but he winced.

Three... Two... One, he thought.

The slap came straight across and pushed him back into sitting position. "Ah!! I'm awake!" He shook his head. "Apologies, I didn't mean to do that." He agreed with Lyra. Perhaps he should get to the temple. After all, it was a long day. " Perhaps I should retire for the night. "

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