Morning Tasks

"Severos you need to eat," Lyra said, setting the plate down beside him. "Goodness, you have not even straighten your hair. Is this how you use to study in your fathers library?” She asked with a smile.

"Often," he replied with a return smile. "And just as often, I would be scolded for not being tidy. Thank you," he added, taking the food. He hungrily wolfed it down, glancing at the high window. Sunlight was pouring through, beams highlighted by some dust. He knew he had to go soon to collect ingredients for spells and whatnot.

"So," Severos started. "You professed that you wish to learn some magic? If you are capable of getting your duties done, by three o'clock I will be able to teach you a few things?"

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((Some Time Later, Warfall))

Severos gathered himself. His traveling clothes needed washed from the conflict yesterday, something he was not wanting to think about. He instead turned towards the road leading out. He had spotted some Mora Tapinella growing on dead and fallen trees earlier and aimed to collect some. He began outwards, glancing around before stopping. An orc woman was glancing around, confused. He approached her.

"Excuse me," he greeted her cautiously. "But do you require assistance?"

She opened her mouth to speak. Right then, a noise drew both pair of eyes to the main street. The Iron Knight and Erik were at it again, this time it seemed serious.

"I still can't believe you Tech! At first, I wasn't going to resolve to violence for you still wanting to kill our friend Dracfist. But now you come here and make the people I have watched grow up, people I loved, I cared for fear me, you are planning on them working against me."

Tech pulled out the Steamblade, "I told them the truth." He said, steam puffing from his joints.

Kuz shook his head. "No, you told them what you only know. You think because I protect our friend means I have been charmed, well it is you who has been charmed." Tech growled, " I'm sorry it had to come this way Kuz." Kuz sighed, he pulled out a double bladed Axe, it look like it was meant for two hands, but Kuz handled it like it was a one handed axe. The Two charged at each other, and their fight began.

Severos looked to both and simply spoke, "Quae perinde revelare." His sight changed, showing the twists and knots of the Weave around them. While the Weave corded around Tech, the Iron Knight, Severos saw no coercion magic around Erik. He expected the Iron Knight to be covered in magic and it showed to his eyes. Perhaps it is what kept him running.

He turned back to the orc, with a raised eyebrow that spoke, So what are we to do?

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