The woods were mostly quiet, the exception being the odd bird song or bug. Sunlight trickled down through, a small breeze rustling leaves. And if one could look through all of the woods and knew what to look for, they would just barely catch a glint of metal or movement in the foilage.

A small pack of eight had begun moving through this area, picking their way and noses. They were goblins, a menace to civilized society, a deadly encounter in the making for anyone else. Green-skinned, some covered in warts, they were looking for anything worthy to have added to their horde. Coins, trinkets, all had value.

This particular war party was one of many that had managed through either slip through the lowland roads or cross the impassable hills, the latter being this group and barely surviving the passing. Goblin warrens had been built on those hills and had collapsed over time. The new ones, much to the goblin's ire, had collapsed as well; they had heard a thunderous sound from the air, a set of giant drums beating in time. By the time they had managed to sight what it was, they could see and hear a black shadow slowly disappearing into the sky.

Now they were out for blood and treasure.

They had just entered the Warfall area through the eastern border hills. They slinked their way forward, quietly bickering in their barking language. It didn't take long for them to spot a lone cottage, wood smoke coming from the chimney. They fell silent as they crept up to the abode.

A human lived here, the smell pungent. They grinned widely, rusty, pitted, jagged, yet sharp blades sliding from their sheathes and loops. Then they began, starting with a few thrown dung balls they had ensured were fresh. With the same dirty and defiled hands, they charged the house, yips and barks filling the air. The dung slammed into the door, some of it sticking there, before the shattering of glass and hacking at the door was had.

They hooted and hollered in their attempts to breach the door, sure that they would eventually breach this lone house.

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