Goblin Siege

"Why do I have to join ya? If you want to make friends, leave me out of it."
Thromgin's displeasure at a morning walk was evident in the griping that echoed through the trees. Although used to it, Erik could only handle so much.
"Hush brother, she is not human. Not entirely sure what she is really. Besides, breathing in forge fumes will ruin your health."
Another grumble came to Thromgin, though his dormant adventurous spirit awoke at the thought of his brother not knowing what it was.
"What's wrong with a little forge frenzy? Gets work done."
Erik smiled at the repsonse, the dwarf hadn't objected.

Silence came to them as they continued through the forest, Erik doing his best to remember the way. He thought it odd, he could clearly remember seeing the cabin, but had difficulty finding the way.
Lost in his thoughts, Erik nearly toppled over as Thromgin knocked at the back of his knees.
"What was that fo-"
He recognised the determined scowl on his brother, the dwarf motioning to stay low and quiet. Moving through the grass and bushes, he pointed to a cabin currently under siege by goblins.
Erik had many memories of goblins, none fondly. He still had scars to prove that overwhelming numbers was effective in combat.
Before he could get council on what best to do, Thromgin gave a mighty bellow and charged into the thick of the beings, smashing several skulls with his hammer.
Shocked to see the dwarf move so quickly, it took the giant a moment before entering the fray himself.

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