The sudden appearance of their varied attackers sent the goblins into a panic, some going into a fearful frenzy, while most decided to run. Erik and Thromgin chose to ensure that no goblins remained near the house, leaving the rest to this new mystery knight.
Leaving Thromgin to finish venting his racial hatred for goblins, Erik looked within to see if they had made it in time. Barely missing a broken pitchfork to the gut, he saw the wielder was Kuz's ward.
"Are you well? Why were you here alone and where is Kuz?"
He could only guess that this was where the two lived, going against his thought of them residing somewhere in town.
After the goblin looked more like dirt than the vile thing it was, Thromgin swiped most of the gore from his hammer before holstering it. The heat of the forge would burn off the rest.
He turned to where the knight had given chase, yet another newcomer to bring chaos to Warfall. He was considering selling the forge and moving into the mountains again.
Shaking his head to throw off the irritations, he joined Erik. He didn't know the woman in the house, but his brother seemed familiar with her.
"Le's git you out of here lass, you can come with us."

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