What's in the box

Amelia put her pitchfork down, " Thank you Thromgin, thank you Erik for helping me, but I need to stay here and protect this." She showed them the box, she walked to the table, " You guys know the Iron Knight? Well it turns out he's after this box, or what's in it, a vampire know as Vampeer wants it so he can control Vonakai, he told the knight that he had to bring it to him to destroy Vonakai, we can't let it fall in his hands. The reason I say this is because the heart belongs to someone important." She opened the box, inside was a golden engagement ring, an amulet that had a god chain and a blue gem in it, a picture of a beautiful woman with hair that was green as spring time grass, her eyes were as blue as the sky, she had a modest body and wore an adventurers leather armor, she had a bow slinged on her back. She looked happy, beside her was a young man with snow white hair, his eyes were orange like fire, he had two horns growing out of his forehead, they were only half a foot long. He was only a foot taller than the woman, he seemed to be laughing, his canines seemed to be a bit longer than a normal person. He wore red and black steel armor, he had what could be describe as the Avenger, on his waist sheathed. The photo's back grown was a sunny day. Finally there was a pink healthy, beating heart at the bottom, it seemed to glow a little bit, it had a presence of grief, sadness, compassion, fear, and love. Amelia looked at the forge brothers we can't destroy this, this heart is the purest thing I've ever seen.

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