Tech growled, he used a the steamblade to break free from Severos' bonds. He jumped at Kuz, who blocked the attack, Tech kicked Kuz in the side, Kuz pushed him back, the two battled agian, Tech's Helm broke off, showing his face, Kuz gain a cut on his side of his body. The two charged at each other, there was a loud cracking noise, the two were on other sides of each other, Tech's Steam blade shattered, his robotic arm fell of, Tech then coughed up some blood. Kuz wasn't so lucky, his axe had shattered too, but he had a large shard of the steamblade in his chest, around where his heart was, Kuz puked out some blood, he fell on his knees, struggling to keep alive. Tech turned around and walked to Kuz, he got ready to do a finishing blow on Kuz.

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