Timely Intervention

With Tech ready to end Kuz's life, he failed to see a shadow falling from the sky.
Landing near the tavern, the ground shuddered at the impact of Phronesis.
"Knight! You were warned of your actions within this village, yet you proceeded to sow chaos."
Once more summoning chains, Tech was nearly covered in them as the Sphinx restrained him.
Seeing Kuz, he would have left him if not for his importance to the miners.
He commanded one of the villagers to find a healer, then casted a minor time manipulation spell to stop any bleeding.
Walking up to the duo, he did his best to keep his frustration down in order to interrogate. With both weakened, a quick search of their minds was easy enough.
"Cease this feud. While within the borders of Warfall, you keep distracting me with these quarrels."

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