Challenging Words

Severos watched the fight go on. He didn't want to accidentally leave one open to a coup de grace, yet he knew he couldn't let them. He flicked his right hand, his wand appearing in his hand. He was about to raise it when Phronesis stepped in, finally.

"Cease this feud. While within the borders of Warfall, you keep distracting me with these quarrels."

At that, Severos grew angry. He had remembered what the beast had said to Lyra and how it had regarded everything. He raised his wand. "Discute magicae," he intoned. The arcane chains dissipated against his counter magic, making Phronesis turn.

"Interesting choice of words, Phronesis," he spoke, stepping forward. He saw the Iron Knight get up to finish his business. "You will wait, sirrah," he said to the construct. "vi Obex," he said, waving his wand towards Tech. While one could see the shimmer appear between them, once the spell finished no one could see the barrier between Kuz and Tech. Until Tech slammed into it.

"You said yesterday, Phronesis, that such trivial matters are not your concern," Severos stated. "Why then, in this instance, you care? The squabbles of lesser races are not important to you, unless they threaten the territory. There are guards here to handle situations such as this," he added with a gesture, the actual town guards now arriving. "So what gives you the right to interfere in something that you yourself have stated to be beneath you?"

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