A guttural growl escaped the Sphinx, both from the usurping of his magic and the tone the wizard took.
It reminded him irritatingly of the elf.
"Where were the guards then, mortal? Where are the binding laws of society that you so praise? The orc provides services necessary for the health and economy of this village, therefore his well being is needed. The dwarf and giant have not the standing this one does, making him one of many pillars for this community."
His hackles raised at the absolute thorn this wizard was becoming, but couldn't do much without risking further damage.
"As for you, Knight, I have read both of your minds and know the source of your fight, though not why. Take me to this box."
With the influx of returning men and women, as well as random travelers, Phronesis had a feeling he wouldn't get much meditation done, a thought that did nothing to ease his current stress.

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