Death before betrayal

(Sorry I took so long to do this post I had to think of what to do, so yeah, I did this.)
Kuz looked at the shackles, and what he did shock even Tech. Kuz wrapped the shackles around his neck and began to pull. " What are you trying to do?!" Tech yelled. Kuz coughed out, soon there was a loud crack, Kuz fell and went limp. Tech sat there for a minute, "He......just killed himself, why would he do that?" Tech stared at the now dead Kuz. Tech noticed a tattoo on his arm, it was in Orcish, but Tech understood what it meant. Tech let out a sigh, " Death before betrayal, so is that what you decided." Tech let out a sigh and looked at Phronesis, " I'm sorry, I didn't think he would do this."
(Also, yes I will update Kuz's profile.)

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