Buns and Businesses

Business was good this morning, breakfast meals, eggs and sausage, a classic. It was a little different without Kain this morning though, half the sales relied on him. It wasn't healthy, but it was business nonetheless. The Dragons Blood Ale was selling fast too, whatever those brewers added, worked like a charm. But there was something missing from these breakfasts, something to clean the plate up.

Knock Knock Knock

Jillian was serving a trio of miners when she heard the knocking, and watched as Bourbon jolted out of his dais, and headed to the back door.

Bourbon walked behind the counter, and waved his hand for Jillian to watch the bar. After a couple strides, he was at the back door, and proudly he swung it open. He noticed the Halfling Baker, Mikail, standing in front of him, holding a basketful of bread.

"Welcome Mikail, long time no see, what may this basket be for?"

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