Breaking bread and boundaries

The beam broke across Mikail's sweaty face at the innkeepers words. Just maybe this was the first step in properly integrating into the community!

Hearing some of the bustle behind Bourbon, Mikail peered into the tavern's interior to see take in the other villagers breaking their fast there.

Looking back to Bourbon Mikail ventured another query:

"Maybe I could give you these loaves to try it out today?" He looked at the half eaten one he still had clutched in his hand. " oh except this one of course. Perhaps I'll hold onto this one. But if you would be able to add some of your breakfast to it I would be happy? And maybe you would be able to introduce me to some of the other people here? I haven't really got to know anyone in Warfell so far, what with the war and all. No-one really trusted me that much. But breaking bread makes everyone happier so..."

At this point Mikail had almost edged around Bourbon to try and get into the tavern.

"Oh and then we should probably talk about prices and stuff too?"

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