Dough for Drinks

Bourbon nodded to Mikail, considering the bread he just tasted, and the polite mood of the halfling.

"I think we have a deal, I can slip a few buns on each table, a sampling on the house, and after that, I will talk about business. And come in, all are welcome to drink here." He Declared, with a large grin across his face.

He politely opened the door wider, allowing the Halfling to join the customers inside.

Jillian turned around to see the she-orc, not a common sight, but then again, what was? If they had Kobold Nights, them what stranger could there be?

"We have a wide array of powerful drinks, Burn Hound, The Sir Birmingham, and the Kobold Tossup. Although we have introduced the Dragons Blood Ale to our list, so take your choice." She stated politely, curious of what she would order.

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