The Breakfast Crowd

Still beaming, Mikail thrust the basket into Bourbon's hands before turning and bustling into the interior of the inn. He paused and looked around at the patrons, still idly chewing on his roll.

The miners sitting at the tables were vaguely familiar, he was sure he'd seen the about town before. The half-orc standing by the bar was new though, so that was where Mikail headed. Stretching as tall as he could, yet still struggling to reach the top of the bar, he recognised Jillian pouring the drinks.

"Um morning. Jillian isn't it? Do you have any fresh milk? And breakfast things? Bourbon said it was all fine for me to come and get some."

Then Mikail turned to the half-orc and, wiping it briefly on his apron, reached a pudgy hand toward the stranger. With the most confident smile he could muster on his face he squeaked

"I don't think I have seen you in Warfall before? I'm Mikail, a baker. I run the 'Hollow Knock' on the western side of the village. Would you like to share this loaf of bread with me? It goes great with meat and its really fresh."

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