A Cup of Warm Dwarven Spiced Cider

Her shopping done the requested goods neatly arranged in her basket and covered Rose gave into her earlier urge and made her way to the tavern.

This would not be the last time she'd be dealing with Miller Hillman regarding the matter. The man's persistence was, if nothing else, remarkable and coupled with his sense of entitlement she'd be dealing with this until well after Molly Reed was wed.

If there was a bright side to all this it would be that Molly had a good head on her shoulders as well as a stubborn streak a mile wide and once she got an idea in her head it would take an act of the Mother to get it out of there. In Molly's case this worked in her favor because the girl had had her eye on one of the Dwarven Smiths younger sons going back 5 years now and an engagement date had already been agreed to.

Unfortunately Rose had three other girls coming of age this coming Midwinter and she had no doubt Miller Hillman would be back at her door.

Again persistent if nothing else.

There was a bowl of fresh cheese and bread on the table when she took her seat and as luck would have it a table nearest the windows so she could look out and seem the comings and goings of the village.

One had only to look and listen to learn the news of the day.

… Troubles with Goblins again.

… Fighting this morning between some of the warriors returning from the war that had drawn the attention of the Guardian Beast and a death though who and the cause of which she had not chanced to overhear.

… A Priestess of the Black Order seen in one of the fishings villages to the south not 4 days ago.

… Some happy news in that a husband, conscripted during the war and thought long dead had returned to his wife and children the evening last.

There was more but she had heard enough. Her gaze resting briefly on the sight of a halfling baker breaking bread with a tall half-orc woman.

" Only in Warfall." Rose mused to herself as she turned her attention to a passing server.
" Miss … " She motioned politely. " Could I have a cup of warm Dwarven Spiced Cider please ? "


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