Shrugged questions

Shel just shrugged. "Not really, we didn't trade all that much. We weren't much on outsiders. My dad excluded I guess." She began "And do you mean like that human thing were you get judged on what you do? We don't really do those. It's kind of complicated to explain but if you do bad you are either exiled or you have to fight. But trials like to become a man or such we have those." she finished her drink before going on. "My mom yeah she was tough to deal with sort of. I don't have much to compare it to. She's an orc, we are tough and loud. I was being trained to be the next chieftain." She explained. "But I wouldn't have had the same kind of rule. I wouldn't be able to produce the next to be. Half-Orcs are accepted by the clans but they are taint to the blood line." She then looked down to the small man. "You're lucky you had a good brother. Mine was a prick, in many ways. His future rule is why I left."

Shel pointed to her glass for more, "He gave me this scar." she pointed to the one on her face. "He also tried to force himself on me." she said. "If he had been a few years older I'd not have been able to fight him off. Lucky for me he thought he was stronger then he was."

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