A Veil, a Fib, and a Stranger

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[One Mile to Stonehall]

The little songbird hadn't blessed the day with a tune just yet.

There wasn't much discussion or any noise at all. Mostly the birds and the wind and all the pebbles kicked between big iron boots and thin leather ones.
The soldier led on, the knight and the elf and the orcs did nothing but follow, of course. But they were all silent. Sarala walked slowly along the road after falling toward the back, Crow perched quietly on her shoulder still upset from the night's unfortunate events. Poor thing, being discouraged in that manner. Feeling like a failure. Honestly, she hadn't much been introduced to the idea of failing; with every discovery she always finds something of value even if it wasn't the objective at hand. A lesson, a book, meeting someone new. Perhaps it was simply her optimism. Or her naivety. But when something didn't go her way she never saw it as something done wrong, not usually. Sarala let her mind slip into other thoughts which was a rather easy thing to do.

"We need a new method of entry. Know of any entrances besides the main door?" Tei'ron questioned.

The soldier shook his head and glanced back at the rest, glancing to the winged companion. "Perhaps he could do something?

Last night was chaotic but some gems emerged from the crimson rubble. Glasgoh had seemed to take interest in her journal, adventures and such. It truly meant something having only directly shown two people that leather-bound beacon of wonder. The rabbit his brother had made was delicious if you minded the charred underside and lack of seasoning. A little bland. Like this walk. There was simply no energy.

"I'm tellin' ya, when we get back to town the tavern won't know what hit em! I'm talking venison, fine wine, and a cozy place to rest a weary traveler's legs," she rambled to the bird. "That is if we make it out with legs. And if we do...I'll be so famished I might just have to nibble those dainty twigs!" She playfully pinched at Crow's talons causing him to take flight in surprise, a high pitched squawk as she turned to tease a chase, and a snickering smile for miles. Sarala watched the bird in the sky a moment, walking backwards on the road.

"We need a new method of entry. Know of any entrances besides the main door?" Tei'ron questioned.

The soldier shook his head and glanced back at the rest, glancing to the winged companion with a jut of his thumb. "Could he do something? The door locks from the inside. Only thing I've got."

Crow eased onto Sarala's shoulder once more when turned around, but both them and the group had been halted by Gholis.
His mint green fingers tightened around the base of his bow as he held a hand up to stop them; he'd picked up something that wasn't wild, and that was the biggest threat. Stonehall was far too deep in the border and if there were any grumpy bunches of post-loss Aelmerians, well...
The shuffling of feet died and all was silent once more. His finger pointed the knight in the direction of his senses. The forest greenery but within it the faintest presence of life could be seen.

"Come out with your weapons down," Kain had demanded, hand on the hilt of his sword. "This is official Warfall business."

The cooing of an owl and the stranger crept into the light. Around them rain began to sputter onto the earth, clouds darkened above as if in a sign of things to come.

[Lakeside Inn]

Rhys awoke with a groggy head and grumbling stomach. Three hours of sleep didn't do him well and the morning activities of the villagers rooming next door wasn't the best lullaby. He had spent most of the night on watch of the cemetery for any suspicious activity for hours on end. Eventually, things became unnecessary and the guards signaled off for the night. Thank the gods.
Finding a place to sleep was no issue at all. He'd been directed to an Inn where he'd managed to negotiate with the innkeeper over staying in a cheaper, smaller room. The deal was as long as he'd worked off the debt at the stables and the lumber yard, him and his "sister" could stay as long as they needed. He managed to use his storytelling skills to make up some fib about losing their parents to the war and his sister struggling with her emotions. Long story short, he got the room and the attention of another. Perhaps he would stay put long enough to get to know this one.
He dressed and made his way out, shooting a wink to the widow. Gwen was it? Pretty lass. But her beauty was not captivating enough to silence his stomach the way the Goat's food could. It was practically crying for him. And if he didn't eat, well, he could spend his appetite meeting some of the ladies and gentlemen around town. He wasn't too picky at this point since romantic escapades never lasted for him, always being on the move.

[The Veil of Tears]

Darai stood with her hood up, the large creature named Whitetail standing defensively at her side, tusks protruding from his snout. As the woman in the veil turned to them his tall ears twitched but Darai's knuckles ran along the fur of his back gently. She was finally at home in Warfall. Close enough.

"Hello Friend." Ursa greeted the stranger warmly uncertain of anything better to say.

She eyed her for a moment, not recalling seeing someone. Nobody visited the Veil anymore, a once lush burial ground now left in the dark of the decade. The gnome couldn't quite remember when it had been restricted of use but it belonged to the religious Black Order before their fall. After that, since it was in Warfall territory, the Arcane Prophet vowed to protect their sanctum of the dead out of respect during and after the war. Darai remembered the legends like any long-term templefolk would. They weren't pressing matters to debunk but they made for nice tavern stories. It would make sense if their stories turned into reality, really.

"This place...full of the damned and the doomed. No matter how much we value life, here we are in places like this mourning the dead. Dwelling on our mortality and of those before us." Her eyes scanned the land with a grim expression. "Whoever is down there is in a very sacred place for a very special reason. Someone close to you?"

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