Temptation Most Tangible

Rhys snapped into attention as soon as he heard the voice. Coming straight out of a dream --a good dream at that-- made it seem all the louder. Eyes squinting until the sleep escaped his vision, he gazed around at the place they'd slept in. They didn't have time before the tavern's closing to search around for an inn, and Sarala had hit a wall of tiredness after having two mugs of ale and travelling for hours. Usually it was the other way around. Luckily there was a patch of grass to the edge of the forest that provided shelter under a tree.
He shoved Sarala's arms as she laid asleep next to him, body resting against Rik's furry back like a heater, and she grumbled into motion every so slowly.

"We weren't murdered in... the night," she mumbled through a yawn, massaging the stiffness in her neck groggily.

"Shush," he commanded while they listened into the announcements.

"What a lovely morning everyone, it is time for the village news. Firstly, in the late afternoon, there will be a funeral for all that have been lost in this tragic war. The bodies have been kindly returned home for burial, and we will give them honor, so I hope to see everyone there. Onto a different subject, the soldiers are looking for some adventurers to investigate the old fort of Stonehall, which sits high in the mountains. Rumors are rumors, but the soldiers need an answer to enact on. Secondly, there have been rumors of strange happenings in the graveyard, and the local church is requesting assistance in finding the cause. More information can be found outside The Hall of Voices, on the job board."

Among talk of the funeral he nodded back to her, "You think they have musicians?"

"Shush!" Sarala snapped.

At the mention of adventure and investigate she had fully sat up now. They turned their heads to see one another.

"Graveyard," he'd whispered.

"Mountains," Sarala returned with an eager stare. "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin?"

"You want to go to Stonehall."

"Check and mate."

"You know we don't do mountains." He tilted his head as if in begging, brow furrowed.

"I didn't know you did graveyards. I guess you must really dig them." They shared a moment, him staring in disappointment, a grin creeping on her face as she lifted a finger to point at him. Almost as if to say gotcha.

"That was terrible," he said getting up as she laughed in the background. "I'm ashamed to be associated with you." He reached down to Rik's reigns and woke him, and as he stood, she was still clearly amused. "It's not that funny."

Sarala collected herself and brushed the grass from her legs. "You're gonna miss it when you're walking around with dead people. I'm gonna see what that Stonehall deal is about, chances are I'll shoot for it. You good on your own? That Dragon's Blood sounds tempting and we don't got a lot of coin to waste." She fished some of the shiny pieces out and flicked one to him.
The new brew did sound incredibly tempting, Dragon's Blood. The name flowed off of the tongue perfectly. With a name like that it made a man wonder just how powerful its potency was. He lost his train of thought just thinking of it.

"Okay, well," she clapped her hands together, "I'm gonna bounce. Meet me at the Goat for breakfast after you look into your stuff. Stonehall awaits" She began to walk away. "I'll save some of the brew for you!"

Rhys walked with Rik at his side until reaching the designated board. Pieces of paper were posted all over it for different sorts of things. They would definitely have a blast here.
He skimmed them over until finding the listing for the graveyard happenings.


Sarala sauntered into Warfall with a pep in her step. She hadn't been on this thrilling of an adventure for months, and she wasn't even on it yet! Though, she had to take into consideration that fact that they might not even want her on the job because she wasn't a warrior, wasn't a soldier. Even if she couldn't think of specific things off the top of her head that made her qualified, her heart was full of adventure and this was something she wanted to do regardless of if she went alone. Nothing else mattered but the freedom of being up there, on a mountain, breathing in the cold and gazing upon the lands that stretch out below you. Trees. Birds. A sunset most sweet.
As she walked past the tower she could overhear a man, decked out in some fantastic armor she habitually noted, speaking to the crier up above.

"Vendui [hello]. With whom would I speak about assisting with Stonehall. I fought by many of the men in this village and would be happy to assist."

"You can find someone in The Hall of Voices, one of the higher ranking soldiers. He needs that fort so his men can have a better stationing and training area than the hall. Its seems like with the return of the soldiers, they will need to expand."

"Easy enough."

Now that she knew where to go about actually signing up for it, it was time to ask around. It wouldn't hurt to become more comfortable with the locals here, visitors too, and get some background on this mountainous place. She'd never been inside of a fort and even one in ruins was enough to satisfy the hunger. So long as she got there, so long as she noted it in her journal, so long as she came back victorious. Victory was so much as seeing a new creature and living to tell the tale. So long as she didn't misplace her damned journal before then.

She did as she said and entered the tavern, which unlike the previous night had a few customers, a little too bare for her liking. It was people nonetheless! She seated herself in the same spot she had before and pondered what she might fill her aching stomach with that morn, still rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Vision was a little off but some grub and a drink would get her up and going. She didn't even recognize the hulking figure of some strange beast right in the tavern with her!

She still had to catch up with her cousins before anything too major. Maybe later.

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