A better place

The piece of meat Mikail had been chewing on dropped unoticed into his lap as he listened to Shel's story, mouth agape and eyes wide.

"And the rest of your tribe were just fine with him abusing you like that? I can't say I know much about orcs and their culture but purposely harming family seems extreme even for them. I don't know I have ever stayed somewhere where that would have been acceptable."

He reached out with a pudgy hand and made to pat Shel on the knee.

"There's some around here that don't particularly like outsiders, I had a couple of run ins with drunks trying to smash the windows of my shop when I first started but I've slowly blended in, it now seems like Warfall is becoming a better place."

His mouth snapped shut as an idea struck him.

"Say, if you don't have anything to do here yet, would you want to come and work with me in the bakery, at least until you find something else you want to do. Since my brother died it's been rather busy trying to run the place as well as get all the baking done. It'd at least let you find your feet in the village and I could pay you a little, not much I'm afraid but something. And I bet you'll be a lot better than me at taking baskets of bread to Bourbon here every morning!!! What do you say?"

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