Grave Matters

Damned and Doom? Hardly … The veil was holy ground protected by powerful wards and the burial site of countless generations of the Order as well as a dozen or so holy Requims and Church Artifacts if the tales her Master told her where to be believed.

Ursa was forced wondered for a moment about correcting the stranger regarding the observation but felt that it was perhaps not her place.

" This is my mother's grave... " Ursa offered as she motioned to the cover stone. " It was to be my Masters but he gifted it to her as a kindness. He had always thought that the Orders tradition of digging one's own grave was a silly one given so few of us tend to find our way back to them."

Ursa sighed shrugging her shoulders. " He was right of course, but my Master was wise and saw things as they were and not as we would wish them to be.

She paused than bowing her head. " Forgive my rudeness, I am Blacksong though some would still call me Ursa. It is a pleasure to meet you this day..."


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