Meeting in the vail

Lyra heard that head presets Darai would be returning to the temple after being away for a time. She had just finished her takes of the day and decided to check the vail for her.

As Lyra and Artemis walked into the Vail Artemis picked up Darai’s smell. He raised his head and let out a long low howl. Then took off running. Lyra followed not far behind. The would approached the two women one familiar to him the other not. The wolf bared his teeth and growled at the stranger.

“Artemis what is wrong with you calm down” Lyra said coming up beside him. The wolf looked at Lyra then sat quietly next to her. He watched Ursa carefully.

“ good afternoon Priestess Darai I hope your trip went well” she said to Darai then turned her attention to the new comer. “I’m sorry about Artemis he can be a little over protective” She said with a smile as the put her hand on top of the wolf’s head.

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