Six Feet

Thromgin was all too happy to aid in digging, grabbing a shovel and searching outside for a suitable place.
Once more Erik lingered on the subject.
“I have the upmost respect for Kuz, in a town that often distrusts certain non-humans, he gained trust through hard work. I was told of no curse and have no true connection to either man, but if Tech were under the spell of whoever’s heart is in that box, wouldn’t it have been best to strike Kuz when he least expected it?”
Although still trying to understand both sides of the story, Erik took a shovel and found a way to wield the tiny instrument deftly enough to help.
With a deep hole dug quickly and the box resting at the bottom, the two turned towards Amelia.
“There is still a chance to destroy it. I do not know why Kuz let it survive this long, but there has to be a way to permanently kill it.”

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