Temporary work

Mikail gave Shel a warming smile. This seemed to be one who would have hidden talents. After all she had made to here. She just needed somewhere to start, something to work towards and he was sure that the village would see a new side to Shel.

"Well I love working the ovens, so you can leave the baking to me if it's not something you fancy. I'd be more than happy to teach you if you wanted to learn." He lowered his voice. "Truth be told its really not very complicated, simple ingredients, a good bit of patience and some tender care is all really. But if everyone knew how easy it was who would I sell too!?"

Leaning back again he continued: "And if it's lifting that you really enjoy then helping bring the flour in from the mill and shifting the bread out to here would be a huge help for me. Even its its just until you see something you'd rather do in Warfall, or decide to move on. If you want to think it over, please do. Come and see me at the 'Hollow Knock' when you've decided."

Content, Mikail relaxed back against the bar and finished his portion of the food. Damn, his bread did go well with this meat, he would have to get Bourbon to match the two up! It would be really good for the bakery if serving his goods here brought more of them to the outskirts of town. Not to mention for himself, he couldn't wait to see some of the villagers coming and smiling at him.

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