Out of the Veil

[Veil of Tears]

Blacksong...ahh yes.

Before the two could speak further they were interrupted by another, a girl and her wolf. Priestess Lyra?

“Good afternoon Priestess Darai, I hope your trip went well,” she said to Darai then turned her attention to the new comer. “I’m sorry about Artemis, he can be a little over protective” She said with a smile as the put her hand on top of the wolf’s head.

The rabbit-like beast turned his tusks to the wolf, defensive of his master.

"No harm in that … " Ursa offered warmly smiling at the newcomers companion. " Loyal friends have been a hard thing to come by of late. A friend is a blessing of the Mother no matter what form he or she takes."
Ursa's gaze drifted back and forth between the pair for a moment before she sighed noting the coming dark. "The day grows late friends and this is not a place to remain after night falls. We should be on our way. I for one have want of a warm bath and a proper bed this evening."

"Then let us go. Priestess Lyra, always pleasant to see you." She'd missed Lyra's sleeping treatments that did so well to rest and recharge her. The gnome turned to Ursa.
"I believe we've met through a letter, on behalf of Myrell Rose. I am Darai, Arcane Prophet at the Temple of Warfall." She'd written the woman years ago about the orphanage Rose wanted to inherit and needed the permission from the Blacksong woman. Ursa was a priestess of the Black Order and possibly one of the last since they were wiped from power over a decade ago. Darai could only hope she was more promising than the Order itself but her expectations were low. Whitetail huffed at her side before she began to head toward the village with the others in tow, climbing onto his back with reins in grip.

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